Key Features

Nicholson Windrowers are designed to lift the onions whilst removing soil from the roots and gently placing them back onto the soil in a uniformed windrow to enhance drying before harvesting.


Nicholson produces many different Windrower models to suit local conditions and outputs:

  • Row widths range from 60 inch (1.5metres) to 88 inch (2.25metres).
  • Number of rows from 1 x 60” to 3 x 88”.
  • Discharge; single rows, 3 rows into 2 or 3 rows into 1.
  • Some models are linkage mounted and some are trailed with steering.
  • Most lifters and windrowers are fitted with a star-lifter head at the front; the eco version is fitted with a paddle.
  • Standard fittings include adjustable discs and ploughs each side, rotating bar and removable share/s.
  • Options for manual or hydraulic agitation, and manual or auto depth control.
  • Options include a powered tiller for levelling double ridged work or breaking soil lumps which can reduce damage particularly in clay soils. 

Nicholson ensures that whichever model is chosen, the same care goes into each machine for damage reduction and quality.