Paddock Cleaner

Key Features

Recognised globally as the professional’s choice, both the PC900 and the PC1800 set the highest standards for paddock cleaning.


  • Remove debris from ground to allow light interception to the grass roots enhancing regrowth.
  • Lift the droppings in grasses up to 20 cm high making it easy for the brush to work.
  • The rakes are assembled close together to ensure nothing is missed, each rake swivels to unload the debris.


  • Made from easily replaced segments and designed specifically for grass cleaning, the bristle size, shape and density are key features.
  • Blades of grass are wiped clean each side to remove the droppings.
  • It is important to note that Nicholson does not guarantee all fungal and parasitic infections are removed but there will be a marked reduction with regular use.

Depth Roller

  • The patented part to the paddock cleaner is the depth roller.
  • This is a tubular roller fitted in front to protect the brush and ensures that once lifted droppings cannot fall back to the ground.
  • Depth wheels fitted each end accurately sense the depth in front of the brush.


  • A good size hopper ensures emptying is kept to a minimum; the tipping height is 1.7 metres, to allow tipping over low trailers or building a high dung heap.
  • Minimum tractor requirement for the PC900 is 17 hp. and the PC 1800 is 35 hp.