Top Tailer (Finish Topper)

Key Features

The Nicholson Top-Tailer has a patented design and is the recognised market leader for cleaning onions to produce unsurpassed market presentation. 

  • This Top Tailer is used throughout the world by packers needing to maintain very high standards, ensuring that their products meet customer preferences.
  • Many packers use these machines almost 12 months of the year and the build quality reflects the need for continuous running with little maintenance.
  • The machines are versatile with variable speeds and variable pitch.
  • The Top Tailer has the capacity to handle main crop onions, short day fresh onions, beetroot and some varieties of garlic.
  • A choice of working widths provides a good choice of outputs from 2 to 30 tonnes per hour, depending on the type and quality of the crop.
  • All machines come with an in-feed conveyor, this is important to ensure good presentation into the machine.

Nicholson has a network of carefully selected distributors throughout the world to provide the best advice possible for installation. For areas not yet supported by a distributor please contact us directly for further information.