Over the last few years, the demand for industrial hemp has continued to rise. The 2018 Farm Bill made it legal for farmers to produce and sell all forms of hemp in the USA, and in 2017, the entire market of hemp products was worth an estimated $820 million. In the UK, famers can legally grow hemp with possession of an industrial hemp license.

Sectors from food and textiles, to construction and personal care, are applying hemp to products and the trend on hemp benefits is ever growing. Following this increase in popularity of hemp products the world over, Nicholson has developed a new, cost effective solution for stripping hemp leaves and nettles.

The hemp harvester is front mounted with a feeder pipe directed into a trailer towed behind the tractor. The standard machine width is 2.4 meters. Bespoke machines to specific widths can be produced on request. A min 120 hp 4WD tractor is required.

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