As the UK moves ever closer to the 2050 net zero target, the sale of bagged peat compost will be banned in 2030. Nicholson has the solution for recycling peat and top soil.

Peat, which is a top layer of soil formed through the decomposition of organic material, including plant life, serves a vital role in the ecosystem in the UK, as well as being a natural defence against flooding, as it can hold up to twenty times its own weight in water.

Peat goes through a collection process, as it is exposed to the elements and dried out, causing it to release carbon dioxide. As well as peatlands being home to a vast array of wildlife, dry peat is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and thus it is imperative that peat bogs are protected and remain wet. The negative environmental impact far outweighs the pros, and the use of peat will soon be banned across the UK.

As part of the commitment to net zero, the UK government has strongly encouraged the sale of peat products, as well as the extraction of peat, to cease by 2030. A Defra (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) spokesperson highlighted the environmental importance of this decision, stating that “our peatlands are our largest carbon store, as well as a uniquely valuable habitat.”

As a result of this, however, nurseries, horticulturists, landscape suppliers, and suppliers of topsoil are now in a position where they will have to sell all their remaining peat products far more quickly than previously planned.

Further, due to the expected ban on extracting more peat, suppliers will be able to use only the supply they currently have, which would need to be cleaned from weeds and other contaminants which can grow and accumulate. Methods of cleaning the peat can be extremely costly for a business, which is where Nicholson Machinery can help.

The Nicholson soil steriliser provides a much more cost-effective and efficient solution. Designed for continuous operation, the untreated soil is loaded into the machine before it is heated in a rotating drum to temperatures between 50°C and 80°C, (depending on the target organism) at these temperatures growth bacteria is not effected however, weed seeds, rhizomes, nematodes etc are treated, The soil steriliser is fitted with variable speeds throughout, to maintain accurate output temperatures. An in-feed hopper and discharge elevator, are used to allow capacities of 3 to 60 cubic meters of soil per hour.

The Soil Sterilizer offers the perfect solution to any contaminated soil problem (invasive weeds included) and is much more cost-effective than alternative products available on the market. It has been specifically designed to  function using several different fuel options, including bio-diesel and natural gas. Soil Nutrients can be added as part of the process if required.

Nicholson is dedicated to delivering quality farming equipment that meets the specific needs of each customer, with innovation and crop care at the forefront of everything we do. Our ongoing commitment to new product development allows us to explore new manufacturing processes and new materials, whilst creating new solutions that contribute to the wider goal of lowering our carbon footprint, and promoting soil health in order to help both the environment and growers.

If you are a plant or tree nursery, horticulturist, landscape supplier, or supplier of topsoil, contact us today to learn more about our soil steriliser, and how it can help solve your growing media problems.